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After graduating in Geography and in Urban Planning (Ecole normale supérieure, Paris, Institut français d’urbanisme, Université Paris 8), Eric Verdeil earned a PhD in Geography (2002, Université Paris I-Sorbonne). He specializes in urban geography. Since September 2016, he is University Professor at Sciences Po Paris. Previously, a was a CNRS Researcher, and a member of the reasearch team LATTS at University Paris Est since 2015. Before that, he worked in Lyon (2003-2015) and at the French Institute of the Near East (IFPO), Beirut. His interests include the sociology and history of urbanism and the current transformations of urban management policies, specifically urban infrastructure (energy, water, solid waste).

He conducted most of his research in the Middle East and particularly in Lebanon, after a dissertation dealing with planning cultures and urban polics through the case of Beirut’s reconstruction. His fieldworks recently expanded towards the South and the East of the Mediterranean, most notably Jordan and Tunisia.

His publications include Beyrouth et ses urbanistes : une ville en plans (2010, IFPO), Atlas du Liban. Territoires et société (codirection avec Ghaleb Faour et Sébastien Velut, 2007, IFPO) ainsi que Concevoir et gérer les villes. Milieux d’urbanistes du Sud de la Méditerranée (en codirection avec Taoufik Souami, 2006, Economica) and several thematic issues in academic journals. He is a member of the editorial board of Flux and Jadaliyya Cities, after having been co-director of Geocarrefour. He is the author of the academic blog Rumor (Urban Research in the Middle East and elsewhere) where he writes about his current activities.

See the full list of publications with links to online papers.

He teaches at ScPO Paris in the School of Urban Affairs, Master Governing the Large Metropolis, after having taught in several curricula in Lyon.

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